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The idea of kayaking round Scotland came about during the Covid crisis.

We experienced many different emotions and sea conditions on our journey from beautiful sunny days in calm seas, through days of fog to downright difficult and challenging weather and sea states. Throughout we never questioned the simple aim of keep going a day at a time, enjoying the challenge and knowledge that we were on an adventure, while at the same time helping the organisations and projects we support.  

This is our story .....

While sea kayaking from the river Tees to the Tyne along the North-East coastline Sarah and I discussed the possibility of just carrying on to the Tweed which we did at weekends. Somewhere along that journey we discussed the possibility of keeping going north beyond Berwick. Our hopes came to an abrupt end at Berwick upon Tweed when the border we were all told didn’t exist was promptly closed due to further Covid restrictions!!. It briefly opened and we continued up the coast to Dunbar around the Forth Estuary, Edinburgh and a multitude of place we’d heard of but never been to such as Musselburgh, Queensferry, Inverkeithing, Kirkcaldy, Crail, Fife Ness, St Andrews, Carnoustie  and up to Montrose when once again Covid raised its head and our journey was halted.


On the 26th April 2021 the Scottish Border reopened and the paddle recommenced in Montrose where we had left off. Something had changed though, we decided to continue the journey around Scotland as far as time constraints allowed to raise money for Charities and Projects close to our hearts. We had a belief we could complete the journey and with Covid meaning Paul had no work commitments and Sarah's employer being prepared to support the project with 6 weeks leave it seemed a good time to launch  "KayakRoundScotland".



 Sarah  &  Paul

'Sea Kayaking around Mainland Scotland and a few Islands along the way"

Our Aim

Our Aim

First and foremost we aim to have an adventure sea kayaking around the Scottish Mainland taking the long route exploring all the Firths and bays while rounding Cape Wrath and Mull of Kintyre. We will also be paddling the Caledonian Canal for the fun of it. We aim to work hard on Sponsorship deals and  raise as much money as we are able to support causes close to our hearts.  

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Who We Help

Who We Help

Donation have been made to NHS Christies hospital and the RNLI. However, our main focus categories are Metal Health and  Marine Sustainability and the first two projects will be announced shortly which are focused on creating new mental health support services in Northumberland and helping improve the marine environment.


We Need Your Support Today!

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