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Hi Folks,

We have paddled sea kayaks around the entire Scottish mainland from Berwick upon Tweed to Gretna including the roof of Britain and countless islands along the way. It's been an amazing adventure of 2358 kilometres to raise funds for causes close to our hearts. Our progress was interrupted by Covid restrictions but despite that it was deliberately a  slow journey into all the Firths and Bays to fully immerse ourselves in this remarkable coastline, wildlife and people.


We now move to the next phase of this project and start helping make new projects happen "on the ground" that make a difference in our chosen areas. 90% of funds raised will help initiate these new projects in two areas which are important to us; namely, Mental Health Support and Marine Sustainability. Discussions are underway with respected Partners and details of the first two projects will shortly be announced on :-


(1) helping create new mental health support facilities in Northumberland and

(2) dive investigations focused on improving the marine environment.

The remaining 10% of funds are being donated to Christie NHS Trust and The RNLI.

Our journey in images...

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